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The smallest unit of data in a computer is__________?

(a) Bit

(b) Kilobit

(c) Terabyte

(d) Byte



In digital storage devices, data and information are measured by the amount of space occupied on the device, such as a computer’s hard drive. When discussing storage with an IT specialist or executive, you may hear words like bits, bytes, megabytes, and so on.


Bits have only one binary value, 0 or 1. Most computer systems have 8-bit grips. Bit values ​​are typically stored above or below the specified level of charge on a single capacitor in a memory device.


Half a byte (four bits) is called a nibble.


On most computer systems, handles are 8-digit data units. Bytes are the units most computers use to represent letters, numbers, and letters such as typographic symbols (for example, “g”, “5”, “?”).

On some computer systems, 4 bytes consist of words. This is a unit that allows you to design your computer’s processor to process each instruction efficiently during reading and processing. Some computer processors may process 2-byte or 1-byte instructions.


The smallest unit of data in a computer is__________?