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Computer Quiz # 28

Q1. In the MS Word, _________commands is not available tool menu?
(A) Auto summarize
(B) Macro
(C) Autocorrect
(D) Auto text

Q2. In Microsoft Word, use _______ to jump to the next column.
(A) Press Alt + Down-arrow
(B) Clicking the mouse on the next column
(C) Both of above
(D) None of Above

Q3. By _________ you can open Columns dialog box .
(A) Press Alt + O + C
(B) Format menu Columns submenu
(C) Double click on column space in ruler
(D) All of above

Q4. In MS Word, ________ is used to create newspaper-style columns?
(A) Format Columns
(B) Table Insert Table
(C) Format Tabs
(D) Insert Textbox

Q5. In MS Word, ________ can not be used to create a parallel style column.
(A) Insert Textbox
(B) Table Insert Table
(C) Format Tabs
(D) Format Columns

Q6. In MS Word, ________ is the maximum number of lines to dropbox.
(A) 3
(B) 5
(C) 10
(D) 15

Q7. In MS Word, drop cap can be set up in ______different positions.
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4

Q8. In Ms Word,  Insert >> Picture: don’t contain ______ ?
(A) Chart
(B) Graph
(C) Clip Art
(D) Word Art

Q9. if you need to move text from one place to another, what will you do?
(A) Copy and Paste
(B) Paste and Cut
(C) Cut and Paste
(D) Paste and Delete

Q10. In MS Word, you can find the Format Painter tool in ______.
(A) Formatting toolbar
(B) Picture Toolbar
(C) Drawing Toolbar
(D) Standard toolbar

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Q11. _________ if you want to paste the same format in other places?
(A) Double click the format painter then past where you want
(B) Click the format painter then past where you want holding Ctrl Key
(C) Click the Format painter and past where you want holding Alt Key
(D) All of above

Q12. _________ line spacing is invalid in MS Word?
(A) Multiple
(B) Double
(C) Triple
(D) Single

Q13. In MS Word, ______ to apply the same formatting style you did to another text?
(A) Copy the text and click on Paste Special tool on a new place
(B) Select the text then left-click on Format Painter and then select the new text
(C) Copy the text and paste it in a new location. Then type the new text again
(D) All of above

Q14. DropCap means_____________?
(A) Small Caps
(B) Title case
(C) All Caps
(D) None of above

Q15. It is possible to __________ a data source before executing a merge in Ms Word?.
(A) Modify
(B) Sort
(C) Create
(D) all of the above

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Q16. In Ms Word, ___________ is known as thethe mailing list.
(A) Data source
(B) Sheet
(C) Datasheet
(D) Source

Q17. If you are viewing your MS Word document on another computer, be sure to select the _______ option in the “Save” tab.
(A) Embed True Type Fonts
(B) Embed Fonts
(C) Save True Type Fonts
(D) Save Fonts

Q18. In MS Word, AutoCorrect was originally created to replace the word _________ during typing.
(A) Grammatically incorrect
(B) Short, repetitive
(C) Misspelled words
(D) None of the above

Q19.In MS Word, ________ is the shortcut key for a manual line break.
(A) CTRL + Enter
(B) Alt + Enter
(C) Shift + Enter
(D) Space + Enter

Q20. What menu can I insert the Header and Footer of Microsoft Word?
(A) Format menu
(B) View Menu
(C) Tools Menu
(D) Insert Menu