Computer Science

 PPSC MCQS Computer Science

Computer Quiz # 4

Q1. IBM 1401 is_________?

(A) First Generation Computer
(B) Second Generation Computer
(C) Third Generation Computer
(D) Fourth Generation Computer

Q2. Chief component of first-generation computer was__________?

(A) Transistors
(B) Vacuum Tubes and Valves
(C) Integrated Circuits
(D) None of above

Q3. Second Generation computers were developed during___________?

(A) 1949 to 1955
(B) 1956 to 1965
(C) 1965 to 1970
(D) 1970 to 1990

Q4. The computer size was very large in__________?

(A) First Generation
(B) Second Generation
(C) Third Generation
(D) Fourth Generation

Q5. Microprocessors as switching devices are for ___________generation computers?

(A) First Generation
(B) Second Generation
(C) Third Generation
(D) Fourth Generation


Q6. ______ devices can be used to pick text from an image?

(D) All of above

Q7. The printer’s quality is measured by____________?

(A) Dot per inch
(B) Dot per sq. inch
(C) Dots printed per unit time
(D) All of above

Q8. In analogue computer_____________?

(A) Input is firstly transformed to digital form
(B) Input is never transformed to digital form
(C) Output is displayed in digital form
(D) All of above

Q9. In latest generation computers, the instructions are executed___________?

(A) Parallel only
(B) Sequentially only
(C) Both sequentially and parallel
(D) All of above

Q10. Who designed the first electronics computer – ENIAC?

(A) Van-Neumann
(B) Joseph M. Jacquard
(C) J. Presper Eckert and John W Mauchly
(D) All of above

Q11. Who invented the high-level language “C”?

(A) Dennis M. Ritchie
(B) Niklaus Writh
(C) Seymour Papert
(D) Donald Kunth

Q12. ______ design, program, operate, and maintain computer equipment?

(A) Console-operator
(B) Programmer
(C) Peopleware
(D) System Analyst

Q13. Software or hardware errors are known as bugs. What is a computer alternative to this?

(A) Leech
(B) Squid
(C) Slug
(D) Glitch

Q14. Modern computers are reliable, but not ___________?

(A) Fast
(B) Powerful
(C) Infallible
(D) Cheap

Q15. Personal computers use a certain number of chips on the main circuit board, what is the common name of such a card?

(A) Daughterboard
(B) Motherboard
(C) Father board
(D) Breadboard

Computer Operator Important Repeated MCQs

Q16. What is meant by a dedicated computer?

(A) Used by one person only.
(B) Which is designated one and only one task
(C) Which uses one kind of software
(D) Which is meant for application software

Q17. A PC usually contains all of the following except:

(A) Microprocessor
(B) Disk controller
(C) Serial interface
(D) Modem

Q18. A computer program that converts an entire program into machine language is called a/an

(A) Interpreter
(B) Simulator
(C) Compiler
(D) Commander

Q19. A computer program that translates instructions from program to program into machine language is called a / __________?

(A) Interpreter
(C) Compiler
(D) Simulator

Q20. It’s called a small or smart device because it contains ________?