PPSC Important computer Mcqs

PPSC Important Computer Mcqs

Computer Quiz # 11

Q1. To view the contents of a folder in Windows Explorer, you must:
(A) Click on it
(B) collapse it
(C) name it
(D) give it a password

Q2. CPU consists of control units, memory and ________?
(A) Microprocessor
(B) Arithmetic/Logic
(C) Output

Q3.  ______ appears on the website, clicking on it opens another document.
(A) anchor
(C) hyperlink
(D) reference

Q4.____________ is a Windows utility that finds and deletes unnecessary partitions, rearranges unused files and space for improved performance?
(A) Backup
(B) Disk cleanup
(C) Disk Defragmenter
(D) Restore

Q5. ________ is the most important/powerful computer on a typical network?
(A) Desktop
(B) Network client
(C) Network server
(D) Network station

Q6. The program used to create text documents is __________________?
(B) Suites
(C) Spreadsheets
(D) Word processors

Q7. _______________ hardware convert data and programs that humans can understand into a computer understandable?
(A) Printing
(B) Output
(C) Solid-state
(D) Input

Q8. What function adjusts the top and bottom margins to center the text to the printed page?
(A) Vertical justifying
(B) Vertical adjusting
(C) Dual centering
(D) Horizontal centering

Q9. Which of the following is not a personal communication tool on the Internet?
(A) Chat
(B) Instant messaging
(C) Insta notes
(D) Electronic mail

Q10. What is the general term for creating, editing, formatting, saving, retrieving, and printing a text document?
(A) Word processing
(B) Spreadsheet design
(C) Web design
(D) Database management

PPSC / FPSC Important computer Mcqs

Q11. Fourth-generation mobile technology offers advanced features that enable _____ data transfers, including full-motion video, high-speed Internet access, and video conferencing.
(A) video data and information
(B) voice and non-voice
(C) music and video
(D) video and audio

Q12. Which of these devices is a point-and-draw device?
(A) Mouse
(B) Scanner
(C) Printer

Q13. The set of rules that tells a computer what to do is called _______?
(A) procedural language
(B) structures
(C) natural language
(D) programming language

Q14. A detailed written summary of the programming cycle and the program, with the test results and a printed version of the program named __________?
(A) documentation
(B) output
(C) reporting
(D) spec sheets

Q15.______________ used to organize business data into rows and columns.
(A) transaction sheets
(B) registers
(C) business forms
(D) spreadsheets

Q16. In which group are the header and footer buttons on the Insert tab in PowerPoint?
(A) Illustrations group
(B) Object group
(C) Text group
(D) Tables group

Q17. A (n) _____________ is a set of programs for managing computer resources, including computer startup, program management, memory management, and task coordination between input and output devices?
(A) application suite
(B) compiler
(C) input/output system
(D) Operating system

Q18. _____________ Program (s) is a ready-to-use program that does not need to be changed in any way.
(A) Interpreter
(B) High level
(C) Compiler
(D) Executable

Q19. What are the names of the programs that combine text, sound, images, video, and/or animation?
(A) Motionware
(B) Anigraphics
(C) Video scopes
(D) Multimedia

Q20. A(n)____________ language reflects the way people think mathematically.
(A) cross-platform programming
(B) 3GL business programming
(C) event-driven programming
(D) functional

PPSC / FPSC Important computer Mcqs