Computer Science

PPSC Computer Science Lecturer Mcqs

Computer Quiz # 5

Q1. A error of a computer program that leads to a malfunction is called ____________?

(A) Boot
(B) Bug
(C) Biff
(D) Strap

Q2. A self-replicating program similar to a virus found in John Brunner’s 1970 science fiction novel Shockwave Rider, ___?

(A) Bug
(B) Vice
(C) Lice
(D) Worm

Q3. Frequent unwanted messages like bulk e-mail are referred to as _________?

(A) Spam
(B) Trash
(C) Calibri
(D) Courier

Q4. DOS stands for____________?

(A) Disk Operating System
(B) Disk operating session
(C) Digital Operating System
(D) Digital Open system

Q5. Who is the Current CEO of Microsoft?

(A) Babbage
(B) Bill Gates
(C) Bill Clinton
(D) Satya Nadella

PPSC Computer Science Lecturer Mcqs

Q6. Which of the following are input devices?

(A) Keyboard
(B) Mouse
(C) Card reader
(D) All of these

Q7. Examples of output devices are?

(A) Screen
(B) Printer
(C) Speaker
All of these

Q8. Which of the following is known as the computer brain?

(A) Control unit
(B) Central Processing unit
(C) Arithmetic and language unit
(D) Monitor

Q9. ____________ translates the program and run it on a timeline line by line?

(A) Compiler
(B) Interpreter
(C) Linker

Q10. RAM stands for___________?

(A) Random origin money
(B) Random-access memory
(C) Read-only memory
(D) None

FPSC SC Lecturer Mcqs

Q11. Random-access memory

1 Byte =___________?

(A) 8 bits
(B) 4 bits
(C) 2 bits
(D) 9 bits

Q12. A device for transmitting digital data over analog lines is called __________?

(A) Modem
(B) Multiplexer
(C) Modulator
(D) Demodulator

Q13. BIOS stands for__________?

(A) Basic Input-Output system
(B) Binary Input output system
(C) Basic Input Off system
(D) all the above

Q14. Father of “C‘ programming language?

(A) Dennis Ritchie
(B) Prof John Keenly
(C) Thomas Kurtz
(D) Bill Gates

Q15. Instructions that tell a computer how to perform processing tasks become a computer __________?

(A) programs
(B) processors
(C) input devices
(D) memory modules

Q16. the area of ​​the computer that temporarily contains the processed data  is ____________?

(B) Memory
(C) Storage

Q17. To close the selected drop-down menu button; Cancel the command and close the dialog box, we use.

(D) F10

Q18. What key do we use to execute the command?


Q19. ____________Is the functional key to display save-as box?

(A) F5
(B) F6
(C) F9
(D) F12

Q20. When data is presented in a format that humans can understand and use, it becomes _____.

(A) processed
(B) graphs
(C) information
(D) presentation