Power Point Repeated Mcqs
Computer Science Power Point Repeated Mcqs

Computer Quiz # 36

Q1. By default, does Word automatically format as ____________ every title in the table of contents?
(A) bookmarks
(B) cross-references
(C) hyperlinks
(D) word-fields

Q2. In Microsoft Word, Ctrl + L is for changing  _______?
(A) Left Align
(B) Left Indent
(C) Increase Left Margin
(D) Decrease Left Margin

Q3. __________ is not to create a parallel style column?
(A) Format Tabs
(B) Table Insert Table
(C) Insert Textbox
(D) Format Columns

Q4. ________ are used to create a footer in Office 365?
(A) format, header, and footer
(B) view, footer
(C) insert, header and footer
(D) view, header, and footer

Q5. In Microsoft Word, Ctrl + Shift + F8 is used to _______? 
(A) It activates extended selection
(B) It activates the rectangular selection
(C) It picks the entire paragraph on which the insertion line is.
(D) None of above

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Q6. In Microsoft Word, the Gutter position can be set in the ________ positions.
(A) Left & Right
(B) Left & Top
(C) Left & Bottom
(D) Left Only

Q7. A document in portrait orientation prints:
(A) the same characters per line as in landscape
(B) More characters per line than in landscape
(C) Less characters per line than in landscape
(D) Smaller fonts for the same number of characters per line in landscape orientation

Q8. When the arrow is moved to the ________ corner of the table, the handle for moving the table is displayed.
(A) upper-right
(B) lower-left
(C) lower-right
(D) upper-left

Q9. What do you allow to send a letter to different people?
(A) Status bar
(B) Toolbar
(C) Menu bar
(D) Title bar

Q10. To exit the Resume wizard and return to the file window without creating a resume, click the __________ button on any panel in the recovery wizard window.
(A) Cancel
(B) Back
(C) Next
(D) Finish


Q11. In Microsoft Word, ________ is not the Section Break Option?
(A) Next Page
(B) Previous Page
(C) Odd Page
(D) Even Page

Q12. In Microsoft Word, which page has the header or the footer option?
(A) on the first page
(B) on alternate page
(C) on every page
(D) none of the above

Q13. When sharing data, the __________ file is the file in which the data was first entered?
(A) source
(B) destination
(C) original
(D) primary

Q14. ______ provides a list of synonyms?
(A) Find command
(B) Replace Command
(C) Thesaurus
(D) Spelling and Grammar

Q15. What is correct when inserting an Excel sheet into a Word document?
(A) word is the destination document
(B) excel is the destination document
(C) the worksheet is the destination document
(D) the document is the source document

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Q16. Click _______to save an opened file with a different file name.
(A)  Standard toolbar>>Save button
(B) File menu >>Save
(C) Standard toolbar >>> Save As
(D) File menu >> Save As

Q17. The ribbon in Word 2007 consists of a series of___________?
(A) Gates
(B) Smaller ribbons
(C) Tabs
(D) Icons

Q18. When you enter text in the Office Clipboard Gallery on the clipboard worksheet,  ___________.
(A) the first several text characters in the item displayed as a ScreenTip
(B) Text entries are removed from the Office Clipboard Gallery
(C) the text entry is pasted into the document at the location of the insertion point
(D) all of the above

Q19.  _________ character formatting are Ctrl+ Shift+ Plus sign
(A) case of letters
(B) underline words, not spaces
(C) superscript
(D) all capital letters

Q20. A _________ is not attached to an edge of the Word window; that is, it displays in the middle of the Word window and can be moved anywhere in the window
(A) floating toolbar
(B) scroll bar
(C) status toolbar
(D) menu bar

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