Power Point Most Repeated Mcqs

Power Point Most Repeated Mcqs

Computer Quiz # 37

Q1. _________ is a short horizontal line that indicates the document is concluding.
(A) insertion point
(B) end mark
(C) status indicator
(D) scroll box

Q2. Which of the following is involved in Switching between portrait and landscape modes?
(A) header and footer toolbar
(B) print layout view
(C) page setup dialog box
(D) none of the above

Q3. Change _________ to create a wide-format document in MS Word.
(A) Page Orientation
(B) Page margins
(C) Paper Style
(D) Paper Source

Q4. The word count command shows the number of words and also ________ in the document.
(A) lines
(B) characters
(C) paragraphs
(D) all of the above

Q5. In Microsoft Word, Shortcut key Ctrl + C  is used in to____________?
(A) Copy the selected text
(B) Cut the selected text
(C) Print the selected text
(D) Paste the selected text


Q6. Do any of the following except ___ to tell Word to stop the bulleting.
(A) Press Enter twice
(B) The Standard toolbar >> Undo 
(C) Remove the bullet by pressing the backspace key
(D) Click Formatting toolbar >> Bullets button

Q7. How can you break an existing column and immediately start a new column in MS Word?
(A) Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter
(B) Press Alt + Enter
(C) Press Ctrl + Enter
(D) Press Alt + Shift + Enter

Q8. How to remove stop markers from a ruler?
(A) Double click tab mark >> Clear All
(B) Pull the stop marker from the ruler
(C) Right-click the stop marker and choose remove
(D) All of above

Q9. In Word, paragraphs have _______ default alignment for .
(A) left-aligned, or flush margins at the left edge and uneven edges at the right edge
(B) centered, or equidistant from both the left edge and the right edge
(C) right-aligned, or flush margins at the right edge and uneven edges at the left edge
(D) justified, or flush margins at both the left and right edges

Q10. Ctrl + J Shortcut key is used in Microsoft Word to____________?
(A) Align Justify
(B) Insert Hyperlink
(C) Search
(D) Print

Computer Science Most Repeated Mcqs

Q11. ________ is not one of the three ‘Mail Merge Helper’ steps.
(A) merge the two files
(B) create the main document
(C) set the mailing list parameters
(D) create the data source

Q12. _______ shortcut key is used for manual line break?
(A) CTRL + Enter
(B) Alt + Enter
(C) Shift + Enter
(D) Space + Enter

Q13. ______shortcut key is used to display field codes?
(A) Alt + F9
(B) Ctrl + F9
(C) Shift + F9
(D) Space + F9

Q14. Press __________ to create a line break, which advances the insertion point to the beginning of the next physical line – ignoring any paragraph formatting instructions
(A) shift+enter
(B) ctrl+enter
(C) shift+tab
(D) ctrl+tab

Q15. The elements  _________ must be included in Essential business letter.
(A) dateline and inside address
(B) message
(C) signature block
(D) all of the above

Important Repeated Mcqs Quiz

Q16. In MS Word, _____are located to the left of the horizontal scroll bar. 
(A) Tab stop buttons
(B) View buttons
(C) Split buttons

Q17. ______ are used to change margins in MS Word?
(A) formatting toolbar
(B) page setup dialog box
(C) Standard toolbar
(D) paragraph dialog box

Q18. The element in the MS Word screen, which is usually located below the title bar, which contains the listed categorized options is ________?
(A) Menu bar
(B) Tool Bar
(C) Status Bar
(D) All of the above

Q19. If the Language bar is ________, it means that you will not see it on the screen, but it will appear when you restart your computer.
(A) restored
(B) hidden
(C) minimized
(D) closed

Q20. Which of the following is not a very important part of performing a mail merge operation?
(A) Main document
(B) Data source
(C) Merge fields
(D) Word fields

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