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Computer Quiz # 21

Q1. The hardware is _______ of a computer?
(A) Firmware components
(B) Physical components
(C) Logical components
(D) All of these

Q2. The mouse in the Computer responsible for operations like _____?
(A) Double click
(B) Drag and point
(C) Single click
(D) All of these

Q3. In Excel, to open the Format Cells window ______ is used?
(A) Ctrl+F10
(B) Ctrl+6
(C) Ctrl+F1
(D) Ctrl+1

Q4. In Excel, to create a chart from selected data  ______is used?
(A) F11
(B) F1
(C) F10
(D) Both A & B

Q5. ______ is used for finding in excel?

Q6. YAHOO = ________?
(A) Yet Another Hierarchical Officio Oracular
(B) Yahoo Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle
(C) Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracular
(D) Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

Q7. PSTN = ________?
(A) Process Switched Telephone Network
(B) Public Switched True Network
(C) Public Serial Telephone Network
(D) Public Switched Telephone Network

Q8. In Microsoft Word, Ctrl+1 is used for______ ?
(A) To set 1.5 line spacing
(B) To set 0.5 line spacing
(C) Double line spacing
(D) Single line spacing

Q9. Which of the following color graphics monitors has the highest resolution?

Q10. Which of the following contains a Control Panel application on the Start menu?
(A) Program
(B) Help
(C) Run
(D) Settings

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Q11. Which of the following keyboard shortcuts are used to close the app?
(A) Crt+F3
(B) F4
(C) Shif+F4
(D) Alt+F4

Q12. JPEG = ________?
(A) Joint Photo Electronic Group
(B) Joint Picture Electronic Group
(C) Joint photographic experts group
(D) Joint Picture Expert Group

Q13. What is the key to inserting a new worksheet in Excel?
(A) Alt+F2
(B) Alt+F1
(C) Alt+Shift+F1
(D) Alt+Shift+F2

Q14. Dot-matrix is a type of?
(A) Printer
(B) Disk
(C) Tape
(D) Bus

Q15. FM = ________?
(A) Frequent Modulation
(B) Frequency Modulation
(C) Frequency Method
(D) Frequency Molecules

Q16. What is the keyboard shortcut to fill in?

Q17. CPU is an example of ______?
(A) Software
(B) A program
(C) An output unit
(D) Hardware

Q18. In Excel which key is used to open the excel formula window?
(A) Shift+F6
(B) Shift+F3
(C) Alt+Shift+F3
(D) Alt+Shift+F6

Q19. FAT = ________?
(A) Frequent Allocation Table
(B) File Allocated Table
(C) File Allocation Table
(D) File Allocation Theory

Q20. A network that is used to share data, software, and hardware with many users with small computers is called __________?