Microsoft Excel Most Repeated Mcqs

Computer Science Microsoft Excel Most Repeated Mcqs

Computer Quiz # 29

Q1. Which feature allows to insert clipboard content into text without having to format it in MS Word?
(A) Paste Special
(B) Format Painter
(C) Page Setup
(D) Styles

Q2. In Microsoft, WordWhat is the use of the “All Caps” function?
(A) It converts all selected text into uppercase
(B) Adds a title to the selected image
(C) Displays subtitles for all images.
(D) None of the above.

Q3. How does Microsoft Word respond to repetitive words?
(A) Red wave during repetitive words
(B) green wave under repetitive words
(C) Blue wave below repetitive words
(D) None of the above.

Q4. What is correct for underlining in MS-Word?
(A) Bottom row color may change.
(B) The following style may be changed:
(C) Emphasis can be placed with keyboard shortcuts
(D) All of the above

Q5. The background color or effect applied to the file is not displayed_________?
(A) Reading View
(B) Print Layout view
(C) Web layout view
(D) Print Preview


Q6. For which part of a document do you set specific page format settings?
(A) Page Setup
(B) Section
(C) Page
(D) Document

Q7. What is the next step in creating a macro?
(A) Use the mouse or keyboard to complete the task you want to automate.
(B) Name the macro
(C) Set the keyboard shortcut to Macro
(D) Start recording

Q8. A normal template have _____ the default font size?

(A) 9 pt
(B) 12 pt
(C) 14 pt
(D) None of above

Q9. What is the default font style used in MS Word documents?
(A) Times New Roman
(B) Arial
(C) Algerian
(D) None of the above

Q10. The Font dialog box contains ______ options to apply font effects?
(A) Text Effects
(B) Standard Toolbar
(C) Font tab
(D) Character Spacing

Most Important Repeated Mcqs Quiz

Q11. To Double Underline a Word, _______?
(A) From the Format menu choose the Font option and then from Font tab open Underline Style and select Double Underline
(B) Go to Format menu and then Font option. Open Underline Style and choose Double Underline
(C) Click the double underline tool on the formatting toolbar
(D) Select the text then choose Format >> Font and on Font tab open Underline Style and choose Double Underline

Q12. _______ commands all the lines excluding the first line?
(A) Left Indent Marker
(B) First Line Indent Marker
(C) Right Indent Marker
(D) Hanging Indent Marker

Q13. The extension of MS Word files is ______?

Q14. o insert a drop cap in a paragraph, you must reach _____________?
(A) Format
(B) Tools
(C) Insert Menu
(D) None of above

Q15. In Microsoft Word, Ctrl + K  is used to_____________?
(A) Insert Page Humber
(B) Insert Hyperlink
(C) Insert Header
(D) Insert Footer

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Q16. In Microsoft Word, Ctrl + L  is used to_____________?
(A) Left Align
(B) Left Indent
(C) Increase Left Margin
(D) Decrease Left Margin

Q17. In Microsoft Word, Ctrl + M  is used to_____________?
(A) New Document
(B) Close Document
(C) Right Indent
(D) Left Indent

Q18. In Microsoft Word, Ctrl + N  is used to_____________?
(A) Save Document
(B) Open Document
(C) New Document
(D) Close Document

Q19. In Microsoft Word, Ctrl + O  is used to_____________?
(A) Save Document
(B) Print Document
(C) Close Document
(D) Open Document

Q20. In Microsoft Word, Ctrl + P  is clicked to_____________?
(A) Open Paragraph Dialog Box
(B) Open Page Format Dialog Box
(C) Open Save Dialog Box
(D) Open Print Dialog box