Computer Science

PPSC Mcqs for Computer Science Lecturer

Computer Quiz # 10

Q1. Cathode Ray Tube is a shape of__________?
(A) Keyboard
(B) Mouse
(C) Monitor
(D) Motherboard

Q2. ____________ computer is medium-sized?
(A) Micro
(B) Mainframe
(C) Super
(D) Mini

Q3. _________computer are of large size?
(A) Micro
(B) Mainframe
(C) Super
(D) Mini

Q4. Notebook, laptop, palm, hand-held computers all are  __________?
(A) Digital computer
(B) Mainframe computer
(C) Portable computer
(D) Hybrid computer

Q5. Touch Screen is ___________?
(A) Input device
(B) Output device
(C) Both A & B above
(D) None of these

Q6. ____________are used to draw diagrams and sketches on paper?
(A) Trackball
(B) Joystick
(C) Light pen
(D) Plotters

Q7. _______________are specific to users’ needs?
(A) System software
(B) Application software
(C) Assemblers
(D) Compilers

Q8. Full form of “MAN” is _______________?
(A) Maximum Area Network
(B) Minimum Area Network
(C) Main Area Network
(D) Metropolitan Area Network

Q9. _______ is a network topology?

Q10. VOIP means _________?
(A) Voice over IP
(B) Video over IP
(C) Viruses over IP
(D) Virtual over IP

Computer Science

Q11. LAN means _________?
(A) Limited Area Network
(B) Logical Area Network
(C) Local Area Network
(D) Large Area Network

Q12. _____________are set of rules and procedures of data transmission over the internet?
(A) IP address
(B) Domains
(C) Protocol
(D) Gateway

Q13. NOS means _________?
(A) Node operating system
(B) Non-open software
(C) Network Operating system
(D) Non-operating software

Q14. _______________are program to facilitate text and data processing?
(A) MS Word
(B) Editors
(C) PowerPoint
(D) MS publisher

Q15. Computers hat combine both measuring and counting referred to as _________________?
(A) Analog
(B) Digital
(C) Hybrid
(D) All of these

Q16. In today’s world, most computers are ______________?
(A) Digital
(B) Hybrid
(C) Analog
(D) Complex

Q17. The physical structure of a computer is called _____?
(A) Software
(B) Hardware
(C) Human ware
(D) All of these

Q18. On which computers is the data displayed as discrete signals?
(A) Analog computer
(B) Digital computer
(C) both
(D) Hybrid Computer

Q19. C’ in CPU stands for ____________?
(A) Central
(B) Common
(C) Convenient
(D) Computer

Q20. Which of the following uses a manual operating system?
(A) supercomputer
(B) personal computer
(C) Laptop