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Macintosh, a personal computer was developed by________?

(A) Apple

(B) Microsoft

(C) Apple

(D) Dell



Macintosh Computer

The Macintosh (often referred to as the “Mac”) was the first commonly sold computer with a graphical user interface (GUI) and mouse. Apple Computer launched the Super Bowl XVIII ad on January 22, 1984, two days later, including Macintosh. They designed Mac to provide users with a natural, intuitive, and generally “user-friendly” computer level.

Many of the Macintosh user interface ideas came from experiments at the XeroxParc lab in the early 1970s, including the use of mice, icons representing objects and actions, point-and-click actions, and click-and-drag. Some ideas on how windows work. Microsoft has successfully adapted these user interface concepts to the original Windows operating system. The Macintosh runs on its own operating system, Mac OS (now Mac OS X).

The Mac originally ran on Motorola’s 68000 series microprocessors and later moved to PowerPC processors. The current model uses an Intel x86 processor. The Mac wasn’t much like today’s machines. There was a small black-and-white monitor, block graphics, and a synthesizer voice that you wouldn’t get with today’s toys. But importantly, it wasn’t like a computer in his time.