In a computer spreadsheet, block of cells is called __________ ?

(a) Workbook

(b) Function

(c) Column

(d) Range



A set of cells in an Excel file is a collection of selected cells. This series is usually symmetrical (square), but it can exist in separate cells as well. You can also refer to a series of cells in a formula.

In a spreadsheet, a cell range is defined by a cell reference (minimum value) at the top left of the range and a cell reference (maximum value) at the bottom right of the range. Finally, you can add individual cells to this selection. This series is called the irregular cell series. In Excel, it contains minimum and maximum values. It differs from the math series in that it is a set of values ​​between the maximum and minimum values.

Large spreadsheets are often packed with formulas based on cell ranges. As spreadsheets change or expand over time, various types of serial problems can occur. These issues are often difficult to detect but can be very dangerous. I’ve seen a lot of money “disappear” due to scope issues.

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Computer spreadsheet cell that is highlighted with a heavy border is a _________?