FPSC Power Point Mcqs
FPSC PowerPoint Mcqs

Computer Quiz # 38

Q1. __________ is called the ability to combine names and addresses.
(A) document formatting
(B) database management
(C) mail merge
(D) form letters

Q2. In which corner of the word window can you have the zoom control?
(A) upper-left
(B) upper-right
(C) lower-left
(D) lower-right

Q3. Which of the following is not available for MS Word fonts?
(A) Normal
(B) Raised
(C) Lowered
(D) Centered

Q4. Which option allows you to automatically update a target file?
(A) embedding
(B) objects
(C) links
(D) relationships

Q5. __________ is a formatting mark at the end of a row that moves the insertion point to the beginning of the next physical row.
(A) paragraph break character
(B) nonbreaking space
(C) line break character
(D) nonbreaking hyphen


Q6. ||In MS Word, The _________ indents all the lines except the first line of a paragraph except the first line.
(A) First Line Indent Marker
(B) Hanging Indent Marker
(C) Left Indent Marker
(D) Right Indent Marker

Q7. What if you write AutoShape simply by clicking on a file?
(A) it seems near the insertion point
(B) it is entered in its default size
(C) is selected
(D) all of the above

Q8. Which menu did you choose to create the header in Office 365?
(A) format, header, and footer
(B) view, header
(C) insert, header and footer
(D) view, header, and footer

Q9. Footnotes, endnotes, and indexes are all inserted as __________?
(A) bookmarks
(B) cross-references
(C) hyperlinks
(D) word fields

Q10. If a document is saved as a Web page, the word changes the content of the document to _____.
(A) Java
(B) Perl
(D) Unix


Q11. The Quick Access Toolbar is located at _____ and when we use it?
(A) upper-left corner —-for your favorite commands
(B) float ​your text and use it when you need to change your formate
(C) Home tab and use it when you need to quickly launch or start a new document
(D) None of above

Q12. Which key is used to delete a character to the left side of the cursor?
(A) End
(B) Backspace
(C) Home
(D) Delete

Q13.To move from one cell to the right in the next table, press ________.
(A) tab
(B) backspace
(C) home
(D) enter

Q14. Which of the following usually appears as a reference at the end of a document?
(A) Endnotes
(B) Footnotes
(B) Header
(D) Footer

Q15. You can hide _________ as a print structure to display more files on the screen.
(A) white space at the page top
(B) white space at the page bottom
(C) gray space between pages
all of the above

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Q16. The paragraph symbol (¶) indicate where ________ is pressed.
(A) Tab key
(B) Spacebar
(C) Enter key
(D) Shift key

Q17. How to use to update fields in MS Word?
(A) F6
(B) F9
(B) F11
(D) F12

Q18. Which of the following functions is a spell checker in MS Word?
(A) F5
(B) F7
(C) F9
(D) Shift + F7

Q19. MLA style indicates that superscript is used for bookmarks so that footnotes can be found at the bottom of the page as (n) _________.
(A) footnote or at the end of the document as a start note
(B) headnote or at the end of the document as an endnote
(C) footnote or at the end of the document as an endnote
(D) headnote or at the end of the document as a start note

Q20. Although it is not shown in normal view, to view a header, click _________ on the menu bar and then click Header and Footer.
(A) View
(B) Edit
(C) Format
(D) Tools

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