Computer Word Important Mcqs

Computer Word Important Mcqs


Computer Quiz # 25

Q1. Which menu in MS Word can be used to change the font and font size?
(A) View
(B) Tools
(C) Format
(D) Data

Q2. What is the key to starting a new paragraph in MS Word?
(A) Down Cursor Key
(B) Enter Key
(C) Shift + Enter
(D) Ctrl + Enter

Q3. Which option is used in the “File” drop-down menu to close a file in MS Word?
(A) New
(B) Quit
(C) Close
(D) Exit

Q4. In Ms-Word, Ctrl + B is used for ______.
(A) Converts the selected text to the next larger size in the same font
(B) Add a line break to the file
(C) It makes tho selected text bold
(D) It applies Italic formatting t the selected text

Q5. ________ is used to insert graphics word processor?
(A) Peripheral
(B) Clip art
(C) Highlight
(D) Execute

Q6. In Ms-Word 97- 2003, the extension of files is _____ ?
(A) dot
(B) doc
(C) dom
(D) txt

Q7. In Word, CTRL+W is used for___________?
(A) open the Print dialog box
(B) Update the current Web page
(C) close the current window
(D) None of these

Q8. In Microsoft Word, ______ is used to check spells?
(A) F1
(B) F2
(C) F7
(D) F9

Q9. In MS Word, _________ is used to move the insertion point to the start of the next word.
None of these

Q10. The default number of lines to drop for drop cap is _____?
(A) 3
(B) 10
(C) 15
(D) 20

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Q11. A sound file in your word document can be inserted by clicking _____?
(A) From insert -> sound menu option
(B) From insert -> file menu option
(C) From insert -> object menu option
(D) None of These

Q12. The vertical separation between columns is known as?
(A) Orientation
(B) Gutter
(C) Margin

Q13. What will happen when you click F8 key for three times: selects__________?
(A) A paragraph
(B) A sentence
(C) A word
(D) Entire document

Q14. What does the EXT pointer say in the MS Word status bar?
(A) Indicates whether external text is pasted in the document tor not
(B) Indicates whether extensions are installed on MS Word or not
(C) It indicates whether Extended Selection mode is turned on or off
(D) None of These

Q15. Which version of MS Office does not exist?
(A) Office 2003
(B) Office Vista
(C) Office 2007
(D) None of these

Q16. Drop Caps are used in documents?
(A) To drop all the capital letters
(B) Automatically start each paragraph with an uppercase letter
(C) To begin a paragraph with a large dropped initial capital letter
(D) None of These

Q17. Where is on the left side of the horizontal scroll bar?
(A) Indicators
(B) View buttons
(C) Tab stop buttons
(D) Split buttons

Q18. What features do you use when you want to keep track of different versions of a document?
(A) Editions
(B) Versions
(C) Track Change
(D) All of above

Q19. Borders can be applied to_________?
(A) Cells
(B) Text
(C) Paragraph
(D) All of above

Q20. ______ is not an example of page margin?
(A) Right
(B) Center
(C) Left
(D) Top