Computer Science

Computer Science Mcqs Quiz

Computer Quiz 1

Q1.The term ‘Computer’ is derived from__________?

(A)  Latin

(B)  German

(C)  French

(D)  Arabic

Q2. Who is the father of Computers?

(A)  Allen Turing

(B)  Charles Babbage

(C)  Simur Cray

(D)  Augusta Adaming

Q3. A computer performs _______ operations?

(A)  Arithmetic operation

(B)  Logical operation

(C)   Storage and relative

(D)  All the above

Q4.Who is the father of the Internet?

(A)  Chares Babbage

(B)  Vint Cerf

(C)   Denis Riche

(D)  Martin Cooper

Q5.  If there is more than one processor in a computer then it is known as__________?

(A)  Uni-processor

(B)  Multi-processor

(C)   Multithreaded

(D)  Multiprogramming

Q6. Which device converts printed text or other images into digital form using a light-sensor?

(A)  Keyboard

(B)  OMR

(C)   Scanner

(D)  None of these

Q7. WWW stands for___________?

(A)  World Whole Web

(B)  Wide World Web

(C)   Web World Wide

(D)  World Wide Web

Q8.A collection of system programs that controls and coordinates the overall operations of a computer system is called____________?

(A)  System software

(B)  Operating system

(C)   Utility program

(D)  Device driver

Q9.What type of operating system MS-DOS is?

(A)  Command Line Interface

(B)  Graphical User Interface

(C)   Multitasking Menu

(D)  Driven Interface

PPSC/ FPSC Computer Science Quiz Mcqs

Q10.Which technology is used in compact disks?

(A)  Mechanical Electrical

(B)  Electro

(C)   Magnetic

(D)  Laser

Q11. 1 Gigabyte is equal to ____________?

(A)  1024 bits

(B)  1000 megabytes

(C)   1024 kilobytes

(D)  1024 megabytes

Q12. The brain of any computer system is___________?

(A)  ALU

(B)  Memory

(C)   CPU

(D)  Control unit

Q13. A (CPU) Central Processing Unit has _______ components?

(A)  Arithmetic logic unit, Mouse

(B)  Arithmetic logic unit, Integrated Circuits

(C)   Control Unit, Monitor

(D)  Arithmetic logic unit, Control unit 

Q14. Analog computer uses _________to works on?

(A)  Continuous electrical pulses

(B)  Electrical pulses but not continuous

(C)   Magnetic strength

(D)  None of the above

Q15. ______ is a Digital device.

(A)  Automobile speed meter

(B)  Digital Clock

(C)   Clock with a dial and two hands

(D)  All of them

Q16. A ________ computer can process both analog and digital.

(A)  Analog computer

(B)  Digital computer

(C)   Hybrid computer

(D)  Mainframe computer

Q17. CD-ROM stands for____________?

(A)  Compactable Read Only Memory

(B)  Compact Data Read Only Memory

(C)   Compact Disk Read Only Memory

(D)  Compactable Disk Read Only Memory

Q18. ALU is____________?

(A)  Arithmetic Logic Unit

(B)  Array Logic Unit

(C)  Application Logic Unit

(D)  None of above

Q19. VGA is____________?

(A)  Visual Graphics Array

(B)  Video Graphics Array

(C)   Volatile Graphics Array

(D)  Video Graphics Adapter

Q20. MSI stands for___________?

(A) Medium Scale Integrated Circuits

(B)  Medium System Integrated Circuits

(C)  Medium Scale Intelligent Circuit

(D)  Medium System Intelligent Circuit Medium