Computer Science

Computer Science Important Mcqs

Computer Quiz # 16

Q1. ______ was the World’s First Programmer.
(A) Niklaus Wirth
(B) Ada Lovelace
(C) Bill Gates
(D) Dennis Ritchie

Q2. Which shortcut is used to calculate the current spreadsheet in MS Excel?
(A) Ctrl+F9
(B) Shift+F9
(C) F9
(D) F7

Q3. Which technology gives a solution for PC virtualization?
(A) Hyper-Visor
(B) Server Clustering
(C) Terminal Services

Q4. _____________ is used to insert new slide in the current presentation.
(A) Ctrl+N
(B) Ctrl+M
(C) Ctrl+O
(D) Ctrl+D

Q5. Click _________ to select the entire row in Excel.
(A) Alt + Space bar
(B) Shift + Space bar
(C) Ctrl + Space bar
(D) None

Q6. Click _________ to select the entire column in Excel.
(A) Alt + Space bar
(B) Shift + Space bar
(C) Ctrl + Space bar
(D) None

Q7. To insert a new worksheet in Excel click ____________.
(A) Shift + F8
(B) Shift + F9
(C) Shift + F10
(D) Shift + F11

Q8. _________ is the largest computer.
(A) Mini Computer
(B) Micro Computer
(C) Mainframe Computer
(D) Super Computer

Q9. ____________ is clicked to display active cell in Excel.
(A) Shift + Backspace
(B) Ctrl + Backspace
(C) Alt + Backspace
(D) None

Q10. HDMI full form ______
(A) High-Definition Multimedia Input
(B) High-Density Multichip Interconnect
(C) High-Definition Multimedia Interface
(D) High-Definition Multichip Interconnect


Q11. Bit is also know as ______________.
(A) Small
(B) Character
(C) Byte
(D) Binary Digit

Q12. Website is a  digital ___________.
(A) Data
(B) Address
(C) Search engine
(D) None

Q13. Full form of “API” ______.
(A) Algorithmic Protocol Interface
(B) Adapter Protocol Interface
(C) Application Programming Interface
(D) Accelerated Programming Interface

Q14.  Full form of “DMA” ______.
(A) Direct Module Access
(B) Distinct Module Access
(C) Direct Memory Access
(D) Direct Memory Allocation

Q15. _______ is the largest storage?
(A) Megabyte
(B) Petabyte
(C) Kilobyte
(D) Terabyte

Q16. The printer is an example of  _____.
(A) Input device
(B) Software
(C) Output device
(D) None of above

Q17. SATA = ______?
(A) Student Athletic Training Association
(B) Specialized Assault Tactical Androids
(C) Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
(D) Student Air Travel Association

Q18. Compiler and translator: ______________?
(A) High-level language
(B) Codes
(C) Programs
(D) Mnemonics

Q19. What is another name for a functional language?
(A) Machine
(B) Application language
(C) Low-level language
(D) High-level language

Q20. HDD = ______?
(A) High-Density Disk
(B) Heavy-Duty Diesel
(C) Heating Degree Days
(D) Hard Disk Drive