Computer Most Repeated Mcqs

Computer Most Repeated Mcqs

Computer Quiz # 19

Q1. What is the minimum column width in MS Word?
(A) 0″
(B) 0.5″
(C) 1″
(D) 1.5″

Q2. Created on WhatsApp 2009: _____________?
(A) Brian Acton
(B) Jan Koum
(C) Mark Zuckerberg
(D) Both A & B

Q3. The maximum number of columns in word can be entered in the document.
(A) 35
(B) 45
(C) 55
(D) 63

Q4. In MS Word, what is the maximum percentage found in the Scale drop-down menu?
(A) 400
(B) 100
(C) 150
(D) 200

Q5. To split a table click  ______?
(A) Ctrl + Alt + Enter
(B) Ctrl + Shift + Enter
(C) Alt + Shift + Enter
(D) Alt + space + Enter

Q6. COBOL = __________?
(A) Common Book Oriented Language
(B) Common Basic Oriented Language
(C) Common Boot Oriented Language
(D) Common Business Oriented Language

Q7. What is the maximum number of columns you can insert in an MS Word table?
(A) 35
(B) 45
(C) 55
(D) 63

Q8. CD = ______?
(A) Composite Disk
(B) Company Disk
(C) Compact Disk
(D) Criteria Disk

Q9. Can you find spelling and grammar errors in ___________?
(A) Press Shift + F7
(B) Press Ctrl + F7
(C) Press Alt+ F7
(D) Press F7

Q10. KB = ________?
(A) Kernel Boot
(B) Kit Bit
(C) Kilo Byte
(D) Key Block

PPSC/FPSC/SPSC/KPPSC Most Repeated Mcqs Quiz

Q11. FTP = ________?
(A) Fix Transfer Protocol
(B) File Transfer Procedure
(C) File Transfer Protocol
(D) First Transfer Protocol

Q12. BMP = ________?
(A) Byte map
(B) Bit map
(C) Byte map process
(D) Bit map process

Q13. FORTRAN = ________?
(A) Formula transistor
(B) Formula translation
(C) Formula train network
(D) Formula translation network

Q14. DVI = ________?
(A) Digital Video Internet
(B) Digital Video Interface
(C) Disc Video Interface
(D) Disc Video Internet

Q15. RTF = ________?
(A) Right Text Format
(B) Read Text Format
(C) Rich Text Format
(D) Royal Text Format

Q16. LCD = ________?
(A) Liquid Clear Display
(B) Light Clear Display
(C) Light Crystal Display
(D) Liquid Crystal Display

Q17. AGP = ________?
(A) Accelerated Group Part
(B) Advanced Graphics Port
(C) Accelerated Graphics Port
(D) Advanced Group Part

Q18. ADF = ________?
(A) All Disc Feeder
(B) Automatic Document Feeder
(C) Automatic Document Finder
(D) Automatic Disc Finder

Q19. SWF = ________?
(A) Shut Wave Flash
(B) Shock Wave Player
(C) Shock Wave Flash
(D) Shut Wave Flash

Q20. PHP = ___________?
(A) Processor Hypertext Program
(B) Hypertext Preprocessor
(C) Pre Hypertext Processor
(D) Pre Processor Hypertext