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A hard disk is divided into tracks which are further subdivided into___________?

(A) Sectors

(B) Clusters

(C) Vectors

(D) None of these



The sector, the smallest physical volume on the hard drive, is typically 512 bytes because 512 is 2 high (2 to the 9th high). The number 2 is used because there are two modes in the simplest computer language – on and off.

Each hard drive partition is classified based on factory location information. The section IDs for the area are written directly in front of the section content and indicate the start address of the section.
The best way to save a file to disk is to use a continuous string; H. all data in a stream is terminated on a single line. Since many files are larger than 512 bytes, it is the job of the file system to allocate sections to store file data. For example, if the file size is 800 bytes, the file will be assigned two 512 KB partitions.

A group can consist of one or more consecutive sections. The number of sections is always 2 powers. A block can consist of 1 section (2.0 یا) or often 8 sections (2 ^ 3). The only number of pieces a block can make is 1. It cannot have 5 pieces or a pair that is not a symbol of 2. It won’t be 10 sections, it can be 8 or 16 sections.

They are called blocks because space is allocated to the contents of the data. This process protects the saved data from being overwritten. If the data is later added to the file and its size is increased to 1600 bytes, two more groups will be assigned and the entire file will be saved in four groups.

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